Purna Bhujangasana
le cobra complet
Maldivian Crayfishasana :-D Yoga style and what my classes are like

“What yoga style do you practice?” is a question that comes up frequently!

But can we really speak about style, in the...

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Purna Salabhasana ... almost purna very locust :-D Yoga classes in Lausanne
UN Geneva Pichock :-)
le chameau
Padma Matsyasana
le poisson
Purna Dhanurasana
l'Arc complet avec sa fleche, ma tresse :-)
Virabhadrasana III
le guerrier
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    Always same time : from 7.00 to 8.30 pm

    Centre Paroissial St. Jacques
    Av. du Léman 26, 1005 Lausanne

    SALLE 3

    My yoga classes will start again on September the 5th 

    For more info, please check the page yoga classes 


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